Tracking IDs being added to Mutli-Reg pages

What are you trying to do? (Detailed description)
Add our tracking pixels and GTM’s to a multi-registration page, we aren’t getting any data flowing through when we offer multiple sessions in a series. We can only get it from when people register of the indvidiual session link not the multi-registration link.

What is the challenge you’re experiencing?
No tracking data flowing through.

Do you have a workaround that you use right now?
Not yet

Maybe you’ve already looked at this, but you’ll want to be sure that the fields are an exact match from your multi-reg page to all the individual events. The multi-reg page’s fields should be identical to those for the individual events – meaning that all the events will need the same set of fields – and any custom fields will need to match as well. Every custom field has an identifier – “std1”, “std2”, etc. – and you’ll want to be sure those are always the same as well. (Same field used for the same thing on each form and the same custom field IDs.)